Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

November 1, 2006


I said to Jeny “I would like to have a cigarette”

“No” she said. “You can’t”

“I haven’t” said I.

“You know what you should do? Everytime you want a cigarette, you should get a carrot or a preztel stick and pretend to smoke it.”


There are a few prospects lately..and I have realized that, perhaps, they have been there all along. Interesting.

How we percieve things, compared to how others percieve them. It’s not how we see things compared to how they ARE. It’s just how we see them differently than someone else. Differently than the someone else we ourselves were two years ago, two days ago, two seconds ago.

I should be an actress. I certainly act like one, don’t I? Could be, that I may be just a bit dramatic sometimes. I have decided I enjoy it. To be able to entertain oneself so, is quite a feat, I think. hehe


Also, I have the strangest feeling..that this is going to be a good year.


7 Responses to “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes”

  1. Jeny said

    well, you should know that i was totally right about the carrot smoking. fantastic me. hope you’re coming saturday. if not.. maybe we can see running with scissors sunday? hope so! love your blog! xox

  2. bunch said

    you’re the best, tiny flip*

  3. for example, i may perceive carrot smoking ludicrous but believe there is nothing cooler than puffing a celery stick (it has flare where a carrot is more straight-laced, don’t you think?)

    indeed we are all changing all the time. as you alluded to, perception and intuition can be different and perceptions can be fleeting as they are casted by emotions and situations that are ever morphing.

    which begs the question–what is the truth – the real- as emotion is perhaps the greatest con artist ever as it robs us of our sight and puts blinders on us. just a thought.

  4. and by the way, i also think this is going to be a great year! pass a celery stick my way and let’s smoke on it! ha:o)

  5. Jeny said

    your face is gross! geez louise!

  6. jessica said

    hey sammy bammy
    i use to have a wordpress
    im thinking about getting one
    since i hate myspace and its being a shit
    and i want somefin more for my rantings that i can look back on days from now and cry about my stupidity
    blah blah blah blah blah
    monday i start at pubics
    and i hopefully will be meeting this huge family for a live in nanny position.. please wish me luck
    and also
    i forgot
    anyways we need to hook up

  7. jessica said

    baby you are a bit dramatic
    but uh
    i think i might know someone more dramatic
    in a

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