You Only Live Once

November 13, 2006

People sure are silly, aren’t they? I think if getting older teaches you anything, it’s that if someone doesn’t like you or wants to bring you down you’ve got to ignore them. Not let it get to you. There are always going to be people who don’t like you. Can’t please everyone, right?

It’s kind of a parallel to the whole human nature thing..of us focusing on the negative, instead of the possitive. We all need to constantly remind ourselves to look at the good. So, these people don’t like you? What about all of the people who do.

I am so fortunate to have friends that love me and people who care. To those people who don’t love me, that’s perfectly fine. Just don’t bring your hate my way. Keep it to yourself. Know what I mean?

This world will tear you apart if you let it.

Sometimes I think I’ve let it get to me. But I need to remember who I AM. Because after all, I’m the only one who can save myself or let myself drown.

I choose to swim.



4 Responses to “You Only Live Once”

  1. bunch said

    Amen, singin sista!

  2. what a powerful line! i also choose to swim…and i love the photo.

  3. pumpkin said

    oo ee oo ah ee eh oo ee ee ah ee oo ee ah ii eo

    That’s dolphin for “stop using my picture without proper consent or I’ll sue your human ass”

  4. brandirouse said

    so long, thanks for all the fish

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