February 13, 2007

pray. yes, that’s what i said

wow, i’m bloggin it up lately! well for the few that read these i am writing this to ask for a favor.

the main problem in my life right now is my lack of self control. it may not seem like a big deal, but the fact that im going out and dinking, smoking cigarettes, staying out late, messing everything else up for me.

there seem to be many people who can do these things and still go to work, school or whatever. i, unfortunately, am not one of these people!! yet i still go out.

i know it seems simple, well just don’t do it, right? i am at the point where i just have no self control. i am deciding today that i am going to make a conscious effort to change this.

here’s what i really want you to hear: i need you guys to help me out. if you could pray for me that would be great. i know it seems a little corny, but i mean it. also, if you could also not ask me to hang out on weekdays and drink and all that jazz, that would be great too. your prayers, or thoughts or whatever would be much appreciated. thank you!:)


2 Responses to “Help”

  1. hey, you ask and you will receive. i will pray. it’s tough to be overwhelmed and lose control. it sounds stupid but in some ways, i am in control but in others i’m not. for example, it took so much for me not to go buy cookie dough last night even though i didn’t want it and that i have no money and was completely full. there was a little voice trying ot make me sabotage myself. the little things can be so much harder than people give them credit for. i think its great that you are focused and concentrating on getting ahead. one great thing to do–its been working for me and i try to do it everyday–is to release that need or that desire to God every day. that need to sabotage, that loss of control. vocalize it to God and just say, i need help. you need to help me with this. and believe He will and He will. this is my two cents. sending all my love and thoughts and prayers. keep your chin up. you are going to get through this. the struggle gets easier the more you develop your muscles. sort of a immediate (but not at all long-term or good for your dreams, esteem,etc) gratification dodgeball if you will.

  2. Ian Williamson said

    Self control doesn’t come from other people praying for you it come from within your self no matter how many prayers you get it is not until you are sick to the stomach of being in the gutter that you will pick yourself up and make a conscious decision to make some thing of your life good luck and if it makes you feel any better mention you in my prayers to-night

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