Cat Found

January 22, 2009

img_6505img_6500img_6499img_6498Black Beauty, the stray cat I found outside of 97 Estoria Restaurant on Tuesday night, is doing well. If anyone knows of someone missing this cat, please let me know. Also, if anyone is looking for a cat let me know that as well. I am posting flyers today and getting her (not a boy like I originally thought) scanned to see if she has a micro-chip. Lets hope that she does, and then she can go back to her owner (if she has one). Most animals (especially cats) do not, though, so I’m not holding my breath. So, keep in mind anyone looking to add a new member to your fam she is lovely and very well mannered. Obviously, I will update you all in regards to whether or not she has a chip and owner which would be great, but like I said, not likely.


One Response to “Cat Found”

  1. hai salam ramadhan tuk smua…….nurmmm…..sungguh menarik la kata2 tu…nsweet sangat la lg2 2k org yg ngah angau bercinta macam sy..hehehe<br Click

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