Cat Found

January 22, 2009

img_6505img_6500img_6499img_6498Black Beauty, the stray cat I found outside of 97 Estoria Restaurant on Tuesday night, is doing well. If anyone knows of someone missing this cat, please let me know. Also, if anyone is looking for a cat let me know that as well. I am posting flyers today and getting her (not a boy like I originally thought) scanned to see if she has a micro-chip. Lets hope that she does, and then she can go back to her owner (if she has one). Most animals (especially cats) do not, though, so I’m not holding my breath. So, keep in mind anyone looking to add a new member to your fam she is lovely and very well mannered. Obviously, I will update you all in regards to whether or not she has a chip and owner which would be great, but like I said, not likely.


she’s a rejector

December 29, 2007



December 29, 2007


Surrealism Project

December 23, 2007

This book I bought last year called “Drop Dead Cute” has ten “new” female Japanese artists that are all really great. Anyway, for my Digital Photographic Production class, I had this past quarter, one of the projects we had to do was a surrealist one. I used some pieces from Atsushi Fukui..and obviously changed them a lot…as well as put a pic of my self in there…see if you can find it:)baxleyproject4.jpg

Don’t You Evah

September 29, 2007

i SUPPOSE i should put my blogs from myspace on here too..i always forget though.

below is from sep.10th.

Those of us who carry the responsibility of knowledge and being perceptive have it tough sometimes. I know, I often feel misunderstood and saddened by the world. Sometimes wishing I were ignorant and comfortable in the beautiful (although fake) blanket of lies that most are more than happy to inhabit. Yet, like I always say, it’s worth it. Sometimes I have to make myself think it’s worth it..but I’m uhh, pretty sure it is? ha

So, as each day passes by, things really do get better. I mean, I can honestly sit here and say that. Does that mean things are just constantly improving and I’m so incredibly perceptive that I notice and appreciate it all the time? Not so much. Shitstorms still frequent my life and I still get in “I hate the world” moods. I’m still my own worst enemy. I still self-sabotage any potential romantic relationship and push people away.

But the point is, I do have these moments, of mild clarity, when I can see through the bullshit of the world and my own self..and I realize it is all better and getting better. I have grown. I am growing. I have met a lot of dickwads. I still meet a lot of dickwads. But thing’s are starting to come together, you see. Such is life..or something like that.

Coming into your own, growing up, experiencing more, learning what to look for, learning what you’s kind of beautiful.

You know, in that annoying kind of way.

So the next time you wake up hung-over next to some guy/girl in an unknown place and feel like your head is going to explode and hope everything’s alright “down there” just remember….at least you don’t have Herpes. (That you know of anyway.)